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Symphony Of Love for Men by Attar Al Mohabba

AED155.00 AED125.00

A tribute to the universal and eternal feeling of love, Attar Al Mohabba literally means ‘Perfume of Love’ and targets the fun-loving.

You Rock Solid Shampoo plus Conditioner Bar


Shampoo bars cut down on plastic and product, are ideal for traveling, and are more affordable than liquid bottled shampoos.
Save money, save product, and save the planet? That’s a beauty product we can get behind.

The shampoo is made loaded with two types of butter: shea, and cocoa all mixed with everyone’s favorite: olive oil.
Finish up with our super nourishing and hydrating conditioner packed with coconut oil, jojoba oil and aloe (no fragrance).

Arba Wardat Perfume Oil

AED120.00 AED105.00

Arba Wardat by Rasasi, a creative mix of floral and fruity ingredients.

Hums Al Bareya Parfum D’Ambiance


Hums Al Bareya, is a premium ambience fragrance line formulated with precious ingredients and essential oils.

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Makeup & Toiletry Bags


All Aboard! You will be sure to LOVE this nautically inspired makeup & toiletry bags which has plenty of space for all your lotions and potions.

To The One I Love by Attar Al Mohabba

AED155.00 AED125.00

Attar Al Mohabba is a tribute to the universal and eternal feeling of Love.

Camel Milk Soap – Various Fragrances


The Bedouin have known of the curative powers of camel milk for thousands of years, traditionally using camel fat and milk to protect their skin from the sun.

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Dhan Oudh Al Combodi Perfume Fragrance Oil (Unisex)

AED300.00 AED235.00

This Concentrated Perfume is Truly Sensual with a Highly Exotic Woody Bouquet that creates a Resplendent Aura of Delight and Desire.

It contains a very Fine Blend of Pure and Expensive Oudh from Cambodia with Precious Musk, Precious Woods and Amber. Dhan Al Oudh Al Combodi Captures the Ultimate Splendor and Magnificence of Oriental Perfumery

This is Truely a Unique Souvenir of the Arab World.
Contains 3ml of Fragrance Oil.
Free from Ethyl Alcohol
Made in Dubai